11 August 2013


Now you know I could not have possibly not picked this little beauty upon my visit to France. Oh yes. It is the best make up remover of all time Bioderma! 
I had to go into two pharmacies to find this. The first I scoured the shelves searching, asked a few french natives and at last was pointed in the direction of a french skin care shop. 

You know you have become obsessed with beauty and skin care when your heart skips a beat when you see shelves and shelves of La Roshe Pose and Vichy as far as the eye can see! Almost like seeing a hunky man, a cross between Hugh Jackman and Mr Darcy if you will. You get the picture. French skin care is the best. 
In fact I wished I put make up on to go and buy it so I could test it out on my return to the hotel. Yes I am a crazy and will probably buy a cat soon. But hey ho.

Well I can safely say that this handy 500ml bottle works a dream. After having dinner in a quant little restaurant (see I do get out) I was ready and waiting to put my Bioderma to the test.  Once back I had my cotton buds at the ready. Its makeup remover time! 

Now here I could have included a photo of my make up ridden cotton bud, but I thought I would save you the grim sight of foundationeymascara (yes that should be a word). 

Now I know you will all be like well... I DONT LIVE IN FRANCE! But mes amis if you visit or you have your own mes amis on route to France maybe ask extraspecially  nicely with cherries on top for a bottle? Or if you fancy braving the airfare money go ahead. 

So the crux of the matter is thus: it works and I an content. You know what that means? Epic win girlies. Epic win. 

Now to true crazy lady manner Its 1 am and I am awake writing excidely about make up remover, so I shall part with you. 

Speak to you soon beauties

Xxxxxxxx kiss 

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