30 August 2013

Whats On My Face Today

So its a hot summers day. So why not team glowy skin with a bright lip? 

Products used: Vichy DermaBlend foundation shade 25 Nude
Collections Concealer: Fair
Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel
Bobbi Brown: Loose powder
Bobbi Brown: Lipstick Cosmic Rasberry 3
This is my favourite Bobbi Brown lip colour. It is bright and summery. A bold statement for any day. 
Apply Vichy foundation with the hands sparingly, it is high coverage so you will not need much.
Then I sweep my Chanel Bronzer over the apples of my cheeks and temples, for a sun kisses glow. 
Be careful with this bronzer as it can make you a tad orange if you are very fair skinned. 
Next I mix the bronzer with my collection concealer and dap it on any blemishes and on my under eye circles. 

To finnish off I sweep Bobbi Brown finishing powder over my T-zone to reduce shine. 

And done. Beachy summery look with a bold lip! 

25 August 2013

Nars Dupe.

So we all know the feeling, the product beauty bloggers have raved about for months is out of our price range. Brilliant. 

 You awkwardly retreat after your awkward browse from realising you said 'its how much?!' Too loudly under your breath when inspecting the price tag. 

Its all very Awkward. Awkward whale if you wish. All though as tempting as doing this is 'for lols' I would not recommend it. 

But I have discovered a cheaper alternative to the 'Nars Laguna' and 'Nars Orgasm' in the humble shop of Eyes Lips and Face. Elf. 
I love these two shades from ELF they are highly pigmented with shimmer to help you create that 'oh me? I just have been to Bora Bora for 4 weeks' glow. 
Fun and feminine these shades are incredibly similar to Nars but cost £3.75.
They are low cost and high performance. I am incredibly impressed with this collection.

 Below are swatches of the blushes, so you get a feel of how they will look on. 

24 August 2013

Good Things Review

After seeing this brand in boots and hearing rave reviews about it for congested skin from my friends, I thought I would give this line ago. 
First impressions: I love the packaging, it is girlie and portrays the lovely plant ingredients which exists within.
Above is the exfoliator. I love it. First things first it: smells amazing. Fruity and sweet. 

To the important bit: it takes my make up off and any dead surface skin cells. Leaving my skin soft and fresh, I can feel that it is thoroughly cleaned. 
After using this for a week I noticed the number of blackheads around my nose visibly decrease. 

I love the fact that the line focuses on natural ingredients to improve the skin rather than relying on harsh chemicals. 

Developed by Alice Hart-Davis the line combats the most popular skin issue. Congestion Skin. I feel that she has completed her task as my skin feels healthier and clearer after using it. 

Next from the same line I bought the cleanser. I was equally impressed with this product. 

The gel nature of this cleanser smells amazing, again like the exfoliator. It is packed with spot fighting NATURAL ingredients such as Mango and Blueberry. 

After using both products for 3 weeks I have noticed a definite improvement in the overall texture of my skin. My skin looks glowing and smooth. Something i would not expect from such understated products! 
So if you are suffering with congested skin I would recommend you give these products a try and see if they work for you. 

Cure for winter weather St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning

So I have been wanting to review this Fake tan for ages as it is unlike any fake tan I have ever used. 

Why you ask? Its missing that Biscuity smell which of course is exactly what you want to smell of when you enter a room full of people. 

Thank you St Moriz. 
What amazed me about this fake tan is its instant nature. Similar to Rimmel it is instant but without the shimmer and it stays on like a regular gradual fake tan! So I can see the level of tan I require and apply it accordingly. 
Another plus point and to me the most important. It looks natural. 

Now I know after having a spray tan, you sometimes look a tad like an orange (or a full blown Orange Tree) and you leave with the promise that it will fade to a 'summer glow' and check every hour to see if the  fluorescent colour radiating from your body is dying down. Unfortunately with no such luck. 

However, you get none of this with St Moriz. I actually had comments if I had been on holiday! Something I dont even get when I actually have been on holiday! 

Therefore, this fake tan is magical. 

Autumn Nail Trends

I have been searching for girlie feminine nail colours and at last I found these! Sally Hansen has excelled herself here with perfectly pink shades to show off your summer tan this Autumn. 

These two pink shades to me are feminine and flirty yet subtle enough to wear everyday. 

The lighter pink here is perfect for work or the weekend. 
The darker pink is suitable for both the day and night, not as natural as the lighter but a 'look at me shade' which demands attention. I wear it when I am going out for dinner or going out for the evening. 
I love the names of Sally Hansen's nail varnish. 

These are swatches of the two nail varnishes. 
Sally Hansen has created 2 of my favourite pink shades. My autumn nails are sorted. 

Review of Bobbi Brown Foundation

If like me you gaze into Bobbi Brown stores and are captivated by the glistening lipgloss and feminine color scheme, you too would understand the love I have for my Bobbi Brown foundations. The natural color scheme ensures that you look like you but even better. In fact what mesmerizes me about Bobbi Brown is the focus on real women. As a religious reader of beauty magazines I see the girls who are size 0 have perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect nails and all it does is make me a little deflated. What ever happened to empowering real women who have hair and love handles and laughter lines? (End of rant.) This, 'rant' however does have a point, as Bobbi Brown concentrates on this woman, not airbrushing her to look like a perfect run way model (which fyi doesnt exist). She concentrates on your individuality, letting your skin shine through, as being a real woman is far more beautiful than any photoshopped picture. Anyway enough of my love of the make-up line. Here is my review of my favorite all time foundations.

So here we have Bobbi Brown Long Wear Foundation and Bobbi Brown stick foundation. Sometimes I wear one and sometimes I wear both. Because I am crazy like that.

Bobbi Brown foundation stick RP £28

Bobbi Brown Long wear foundation RP £30
So here is the first contender.. The Bobbi Brown Long wear lasting foundation. What can I say. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It is long lasting and protects my skin from sun damage with SPF 15. It is light and silky and matches perfectly into my skin tone. In fact when wearing it I actually feel like its nourishing my skin. This could be largely down to the smell of this foundation. The smell is difficult to explain.. You know when you go into a shop to choose a moisturizer and you smell calming plant like ingredients such as lavender or orange blossom. It smells a bit like this, it is not overpowering but subtle which makes me feel that it is actually doing something good for my skin when wearing it. 
 I have the shade SAND, which matches my skin tone perfectly! I am so pleased with this foundation. Although some of you may say its too expensive, I agree the price is a little daunting, this is where I can safely use the example, 'you get what you pay for'. This foundation is really excellent. 
What really excites me about this foundation is that it doesn't break me out and doesn't feel like I am wearing make up at all. You know when you buy a foundation and there is nothing worse then feeling this tacky orange mess on your face which doesn't spread evenly and leads your mum to ask you 'have you been punched in the face Freya?!' Maybe thats just me...  Big thumbs up for this foundation!

Here is a swatch of the foundation on may arm

Next we have my Bobbi Brown stick foundation. Now when I use this with the Long Wear foundation I normally use it almost as a concealer. I add a bit to a concealer brush and dap it gently (Remember wrinkles ladies) under my eyes and on any blemishes that I have have and it is excellent as it exactly matches my skin tone and my foundation! Now I know you can buy a small concealer stick from Bobbi Brown but I bought this bad boy as I thought it would last longer. And..? ITS HAS. 
 The convenient roll up stick allows you to use as much as you want and as little as you want.

Here are swatches of the Long wear and stick foundation in SAND.
So to sum up this rather lengthly post on Bobbi Brown this foundation is a dream and I would recommend that you buy it. x

23 August 2013

Whats On My Face Today

So today I am in a rush. So I thought why not show you my Quick make up with hands?! In 3 easy steps! No brushes present. No sir. No strays of brush left on your face. Simple fingers. So this is what I have used. 
So here I have my MAC foundation. In NW15 it is easy to blend as its water based so I can just use my hands to blend. Or a beauty blender if you wish. 
I am very pale, I know this shade looks too pale for me but my face is paler than my arm trust. My face is untanable. Human equivalent of casper right here. 
Next is my bobbi brown Cream Blush Stick. Easy to blend. You get the picture. Need for speed my friend. 

I love this shade of pink! 
Next for eyes is the only place where I use a brush! Maybeline eye liner- my favourite eyeliner ever. 
I put this on with my winged eye liner brush from Modelsown which I bought on asos! 
So there you have it my quick make up in 3 easy steps! 


Boots Botanicals Cleansing Milk

Cleansing Milks have not been receiving good Press recently, with claims that they are useless and do not cleanse your face. 

Here I have to disagree.

 I am in LOVE with this cleansing milk. It is gentle for my sensitive skin and contains NATURAL AHA properties. Brilliant. No more blasting our skin with chemicals to turn of cells! 
Now I must admit, I didnt have high hopes that this would take of all my make up. And to a degree I was correct, I sometimes need to double cleanse. However this is only If I am wearing heavy make up if I am going out or going to an event. For the regular day it works like a dream. 

After using this stuff my skin feels fresh and looks healthier, whether that is due to this or my night serum I am not too sure. However, I feel that this plays a big part. It is £3.33 from Boots?! Its cheap and AMAZING. Whats more to love?! 

22 August 2013

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm

Here is my long awaited review on the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. 

Firstly this balm is AMAZING. It smells like a mixture of Molton Brown and heaven. But lets get to the nitty gritty. 
The pea sized amount Emma Hardie promoted you to use is ample to gently cleanse your face.

 As you can see from the below photo I have used a fair amount of my cleansing balm. 
I love the packaging of this cleansing balm. It is sophisticated and portable, something which is a far cry from most cleansers. 
After using this cleanser for 3 weeks I can  definitely  see an improvement in my skin. It looks clearer and more even. I was at first skeptical due to the oil nature of this cleanser, but I am pleasantly surprised! It did not break me out! Yes it is a bit pricey  £34 but now £28.90 for a limited time on Feelunique.com. Go on see what all te buz is about. I Apologise in advance for your obsession to this cleanser.