11 July 2013

Best Summer Moisturiser

Bonjour lovelies...

So over this past month I have been searching for my a new moisturiser to keep me shine free yet be rich enough to cure my dry tired skin, parched from all this lovely sunny weather, if not a little burnt. 

Well here are a few of my favourite beauty staples. My moisturisers which I think do the trick this summer! 
So its a toss up between 3. 

Amie morning dew matte finish

Bobbi brown hydrating face cream

Olay total effects BB cream

Lets start off one by one shall we? 

First of all we have the amie morning dew matte finish moistriser. I love this. It smells divine and feels lovely on it keeps my shine free and contains only natural ingredients such as rosehip and bilberry ingredients miranda kerr swear by. So hop to it ladies. And for £4.99 what is not to love?! Affordable effective skin care! 

Please excuse the make up marks, as you can
 tell it is a very loved! 

Number 2 is my Bobbi Brown face cream! 

I love this! It contains a primer and excellently 
maintains my skin!  However it is more 
expensive than your bog standard 
moisturiser but it does the job and acts as a 
primer too so I say worth the money 
as its a two in one! 
RP £37.50 bobbibrown.co.uk

Last but not least is my olay total effects.

Yes I know its technically a BB cream 
but this  is perfect for summer
 and is my hand bag staple! 
7 age fighting ingredients 
with an spf and foundation!
 £11.33 at boots.com

I hope you enjoy and comment below letting us all know your beauty must haves! 

Till tomorrow beauties 


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