26 July 2013

Latest trends?

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before everyone else? 
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14 July 2013

Just keep swimming...

You are brilliant. Keep reminding yourself of that. In the words of Bob Marley "every little thing is going to be alright" x

13 July 2013


I am really loving valentino at the 
paris couture week. 
The rich extravagant colours are beautiful! Love.


12 July 2013

Vichy derma blend 16 HR foundation

This foundation is my all time favourite. Better than mac. Gasp. It is full coverage foundation which doesn't look cakey and blends seamlessly into your skin. What is not to love? It contains spf 20 whichis perfect   for summer and has a matte finish! Controlling oils on the skin. 
I bought mine in the colour nude 25 for £15.50 but now boots have an offer on for £11.62! Winning! At first I was a little wary of the small amount but a little really does go a long way. You hardly need any the coverage is so great and its not heavy! So overall i am insanely happy with this product! 


So the sunnies are out. Who else is excited for summer?! 

11 July 2013

Favourite Jemma kid foundation

This is a new favourite of mine! I recently bought this and am already loving it! Its easy to apply with fingers, light, blend-able with build-able coverage! 
I really recommend you to give this a try! This is a staple in my handbag this summer! 

Best Summer Moisturiser

Bonjour lovelies...

So over this past month I have been searching for my a new moisturiser to keep me shine free yet be rich enough to cure my dry tired skin, parched from all this lovely sunny weather, if not a little burnt. 

Well here are a few of my favourite beauty staples. My moisturisers which I think do the trick this summer! 
So its a toss up between 3. 

Amie morning dew matte finish

Bobbi brown hydrating face cream

Olay total effects BB cream

Lets start off one by one shall we? 

First of all we have the amie morning dew matte finish moistriser. I love this. It smells divine and feels lovely on it keeps my shine free and contains only natural ingredients such as rosehip and bilberry ingredients miranda kerr swear by. So hop to it ladies. And for £4.99 what is not to love?! Affordable effective skin care! 

Please excuse the make up marks, as you can
 tell it is a very loved! 

Number 2 is my Bobbi Brown face cream! 

I love this! It contains a primer and excellently 
maintains my skin!  However it is more 
expensive than your bog standard 
moisturiser but it does the job and acts as a 
primer too so I say worth the money 
as its a two in one! 
RP £37.50 bobbibrown.co.uk

Last but not least is my olay total effects.

Yes I know its technically a BB cream 
but this  is perfect for summer
 and is my hand bag staple! 
7 age fighting ingredients 
with an spf and foundation!
 £11.33 at boots.com

I hope you enjoy and comment below letting us all know your beauty must haves! 

Till tomorrow beauties 


Sunshine and the importance of SPF

What a beautiful day. Hey lovelies hope you are all enjoying the sunshine (sensibly please) i plastered myself in factor 30 and still burnt really badly so proves to be careful! I shall be uploading my favourite spfs for you all to make sure you are safe in the sun. Both face and body. Nobody wants to bs wrinkly and shrivelled. Not hot. But as for now here are some photos of my adventure today before I got burnt! 

Lots of kisses 

How pretty is this? Almost like im in the med, you wouldnt think it was cornwall!  

Fashion 156. Want to write for their daily blog?


07 July 2013

Preparation for beauty sleep

These two are my bed side table staples. The lavender roll on from neals yard is my favourite I roll it on my temples, wrists and pillow and am completely relaxed and then pop on some of my vaseline cocoa butter to keep my lips nice and soft before I get some beauty sleep. 

06 July 2013

Favourite Concealer

My Favourite Concealer would have to be collection's 16 hour wear lasting perfection concealer! As many other beauty bloggers have said such as Fleur  de force and Tanya Burr this concealer really lives up to my expectations! I love it! It covers everything from under eye circles to scaring.  I love it! And its only 4.99 in boots at the moment! 
I have colour 2 light as I'm quite pale at the moment and my face is much whiter than my body as I do not fake tan my face. I would highly recommend this concealer so give it a go and tell me what you think? Any other concealers that you love? Why not leave a comment informing others? 
Enjoy the sun shine beauties. 


New summer outfits!

Ok so I may have done some shopping...
But its summer and I couldnt resist these items! 

Item number one: This emerald  green lace summer dress is a must have its beautiful and perfect for the beach and may I add in the Sale! 

I am really happy with this purchase! Im thinking sandals and some chunky gold Jewlery? Good plan. H &M do a selection of colours of these! If like me you like this dress go check out H&M's sale! 

My second outfit is from topshop
I love this chiffon crop top. It will go perfectly with highwaisted skirts and not to mention a tan (PLEASE SUN!) 

And I couldnt resist pairing it with a white daisy print highwaisted skirt! 

Also from topshop! They have really pretty skirts in at the moment so take a look! 
My Third Outfit is from forever 21 in the sale! (Happy dance) 
This bright blue dress is perfect for dinners and shopping trips! Even the office! The sale at the moment is amazing in forever 21. So many bargains so take a look! 

04 July 2013

Favourite blush for summer

I am loving bobbi brown powder blush at the moment. The bright pink shades are my must haves for summer! Beautiful! You only need a small amount as you will end up looking doll like if you pile it on. But only using a tiny bit means it lasts longer and its high pigmentation means that you need less of it= win win. My bobbi brown blusher is well loved! 

Relaxin chillaxin

Time to relax after a long day. 

A milk alternative?

So I have been hearing good things about milk which isnt milk. At first I excluded the idea of not having my much needed milk in my tea but through exploring the idea and tasting alpro and lactose free products I
am converted. According to many beauty bloggers such as caroline hirons and amodelreccomends millk isnt the best thing for you. So why not give other things a go? Experiment. With loads of choices to choose from my question is why not? From rice to hazelnut milk see what floats your boat! And comment with any difference you have noticed! Join the indie alternative milk challenge where you dont give up tea!