17 June 2013

Liquid blush


Okay so i know that old saying 'you get what you paid for' but is that always the case with makeup? Hmm I dont think so. 

I recently purchased ELF cosmetic HD blush for 3.75 pounds. And i love it!
Yes I was a bit shocked at the highly pigmented bright formula but it means i only need to use a tiny bit! = a big yay as it last FOREVER and isnt expensive! It looks natural but word of warning only use
a TINY bit it is so pigmented and bright and you will end up looking like a clown if you use too much. So careful. 

When comparing this to bobbi browns multipurpose cheek tint i have to say i prefer the elf! Sorry! I am a huge fan of bobbi brown and am obsessed with their foundations, skin care, eye make up and powder blushers ( the whole shebang) but this tint is shimmery... good if you like shimmer but i would choose elf HD blush for more of a matte finish and its less expensive! But you know whatever floats your boat as they say. What do you think? Prefer shimmer? Or matte? 

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