17 June 2013

Chocolate cake recipe

Bonjour lovelies! 

So it was my mums birthday yesterday, and i thought I would share with you my creation! And how I made it and what you will need! 

So lets get started chicas! 

Okay so to start you will need:

A whisk
A large mixing bowl
2 cake tins
A couple of spoons! 
6 ounces of Flour
6 ounces of Butter
3 Eggs
6 ounces of sugar.
1 table spoon of coco power

Right lets begin! 

So weigh your sugar and butter and cream together with your whisk.

Measure flour and coca power add this slowly with the eggs to the creamed butter and sugar and continue to whisk until the mixture looks well mixed and fluffy. 

Pour the mixture into buttered cake tons and place in the oven at 180 c for 20-25 minutes- you will know if the cake is done by putting a knife through the middle and the knife coming put clean, if the cake isnt cooked there will mixture stuck to the knife! 

Cool the sponges 

Now whisk the cream and wash the raspberries. 

Now when the cake is cool add the cream to one side of a sponge and raspberries and place the other sponge on top to make a sandwich! And then add the cream to the top of the newly sandwich sponge! Decorate with raspberries and flowers made out of sugar paper! And Done!

Make sure you take care with the oven! 

Comment with your beautiful creations lovelies! Hope they are tasty! 

Xoxox love 

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