29 June 2013

Hello lovelies!

10 things im loving this month

Boots botanicals bright cream cleanser

Emu moisturiser skin healing cream (feelunique.com)

Daisy perfume by Mark Jacobs

Boots essentials rosemary and tea tree mask (only 99p! Bargain and smells like liz earle hot cloth cleanser! With some of the ingredients in!) 

Emma Hardie Cleansing balm ( everyone loves this-trust you will be amazed) 

Face yoga- ok bare with, i know sounds weird right but I heard about it a few weeks ago and already im seeing the results! Give it a try and make sure you are alone when practising face yoga as you will look pretty manic not going to lie. 

Maybeline the falsies mascara- Tanya Burr raves about it so I thought why not give it a try! So i have and now I love it! So impressed! Want Long lashes? This is for you! 

Derma Blend foundation in nude- I shall do a review of this foundation as I love it! It EXACTLY fits my skin tone is non greasy and provides excellent coverage! Sha bo yah.   Sha sha sha sha bo yah. 

Vitamin water- healthy and it tastes great,  good right?  

Matalan beach bags! Cheap and excellent for carrying my bikinis and towels when in transit to the beach and pretty too which is always a bonus I feel! 

Till tomorrow my lovelies...


Favourite summer time bikinis

Hello Lovelies! 

So I know I have been terrible at blogging recently but I have been having family time and chillaxing sans internet and phone. 

So holiday soon= yay. 

Which also means last minute panic buying! So I found myself in Marks and Sparks (M&S) avec my mother and sister thinking there will be no bikinis which I would like! And then I found the boy equivalent of Hawaiian swimming trunks. Yes hold on to your hats ladies. 
I love this! I think its so pretty and floral and tropical! Definitely goes to show the old saying dont judge a book by its cover! Well done M&S! Im thinking a tan some chunky gold bangles and an overside beach bag=beach goddess 

26 June 2013

Thought I would blog this. Cute little hearts in my morning yoghurt. 

17 June 2013

When reaching for botox and age renewal creams remember this

'Ageing is a luxury many people dont have' Caroline Hirons. Well said. 

Mantra for the day

Smash box primer

Ok so i bought the smash box primer after hearing amazing things! And was put off by the heafty price tag and when it was delivered i was shocked about how small the product was! 
12ml for 12.50 did seem quite excessive! The product itself is good for keeping away oil and doesnt clog pores but my bank account and i are still in shock. But overall I do like the product but disagree with the pricing. 

Chanel bronzing Makeup Base

I recently purchased the chanel makeup base after hearing amazing reviews from it and wanted a cream bronzer that would last for ages! And ta dah! I found it. The bronzer is amazing and a staple for my summer travel bag! Yay! It gives you a glowy healthy matte finish! And is suitable for all skin tones as its buildable! Just be careful if you are pale like me you dont go over board and end up looking like a walking satsuma. 

Love xoxox

Cheat a tan

So its summer and I look paler than casper. So my antidote to pale blues is St Moritz fake tan! It is instant but stays for as long as normal build able fake tans except you get the effects instantly with NO nasty smell! Great right? Be sure to be careful and wait for it to dry, nobody likes streaky tan.

Victoria secret haul

Okay so i marched into Victoria secret determined to look like a Rosie Huntington when I walked out with products that claim 'perfect body' and 'bronze body' in a tube! *booyah*

Alas i didnt look like a super model but smelt amazing and had a glow! Woo! 
Okay the bronzing lotion smells insane like apricots and does what it says creates a bronze shimmer on the skin, enhancing your tan! Massive yay! And the perfect body didnt create a toned bombshell but did extenuate my collar bones by adding a shimmery highlight
to them. So overall BIG WIN for smelling reem (sorry) and sparkly but not so big win for returning home as a super model. 

Liquid blush


Okay so i know that old saying 'you get what you paid for' but is that always the case with makeup? Hmm I dont think so. 

I recently purchased ELF cosmetic HD blush for 3.75 pounds. And i love it!
Yes I was a bit shocked at the highly pigmented bright formula but it means i only need to use a tiny bit! = a big yay as it last FOREVER and isnt expensive! It looks natural but word of warning only use
a TINY bit it is so pigmented and bright and you will end up looking like a clown if you use too much. So careful. 

When comparing this to bobbi browns multipurpose cheek tint i have to say i prefer the elf! Sorry! I am a huge fan of bobbi brown and am obsessed with their foundations, skin care, eye make up and powder blushers ( the whole shebang) but this tint is shimmery... good if you like shimmer but i would choose elf HD blush for more of a matte finish and its less expensive! But you know whatever floats your boat as they say. What do you think? Prefer shimmer? Or matte? 

Chocolate cake recipe

Bonjour lovelies! 

So it was my mums birthday yesterday, and i thought I would share with you my creation! And how I made it and what you will need! 

So lets get started chicas! 

Okay so to start you will need:

A whisk
A large mixing bowl
2 cake tins
A couple of spoons! 
6 ounces of Flour
6 ounces of Butter
3 Eggs
6 ounces of sugar.
1 table spoon of coco power

Right lets begin! 

So weigh your sugar and butter and cream together with your whisk.

Measure flour and coca power add this slowly with the eggs to the creamed butter and sugar and continue to whisk until the mixture looks well mixed and fluffy. 

Pour the mixture into buttered cake tons and place in the oven at 180 c for 20-25 minutes- you will know if the cake is done by putting a knife through the middle and the knife coming put clean, if the cake isnt cooked there will mixture stuck to the knife! 

Cool the sponges 

Now whisk the cream and wash the raspberries. 

Now when the cake is cool add the cream to one side of a sponge and raspberries and place the other sponge on top to make a sandwich! And then add the cream to the top of the newly sandwich sponge! Decorate with raspberries and flowers made out of sugar paper! And Done!

Make sure you take care with the oven! 

Comment with your beautiful creations lovelies! Hope they are tasty! 

Xoxox love 

Summer Nail Varnish

Hello Lovelies!

So it maybe grey outside but I have rummaged for my nail varnish tin and am going to paint my nails to remind me of long lost hot summer weather. Spring was all about the pastels but now im opting for a mix of pastels and bright blues and pinks to transport me to happy summer time! So what are your favourites? More of a pink gal? Or wanting fluro nails to embrace your inner goddess? 

16 June 2013

Blush june favourite

This Coral shimmery blush is my summer
Staple and is my go to no make up make up. Its pigments blend to create a sun kissed glow. (Almost summer in a jar)  in love with this blush. I add a pop of fluro pinks my favourite at the moment is bobbi brown! Perfect for a healthy summer glow. I really love how its blend-able and build-able! Great stuff!


Summer time June Favorites

Hello Lovelies!

So its technically summer and we are all starting to prepare ourselves for the amazingness of summer.

yes ok its freezing and in town earlier I donned an anorak to protect me from hail stones but WHO CARES. Its summer and I intended to tan my socks off (In a sensible way of course mum)

So I thought I would share with you just how I have been preparing for summer, what products I am using and my favorite make up pieces for your summer travel bag.

SOOOO. Welcome to my June favorites!

My June Favourites